InnMain in English

Since 2012, Savo Consortium for Education is a member in the InnMain network. InnMain (Educational Association for Innovation in Industrial Maintenance) is a network of educational institutions, companies, chambers of commerce and entrepreneur associations for industrial maintenance and building installations.  
The objective of the InnMain network is to improve the quality of education and training, the quality of educative programmes and the quality of the network itself through benchmarking, sharing good practices and working together in the same direction.  
There are two pillars in the nature of InnMain: Teachers are the key for the development of education, whereas the presence of companies is fundamental for being informed about the needs of the companies, for being at the forefront of technological innovations and for facilitating international internships.
InnMain operates in the countries of the European Union and is focused in European projects. In future, institutions from other countries may be able to join InnMain.    

  1.  Xabec, Vocational Training School (Spain)
  2. Meram Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi (Turkey)
  3. Izmit Teknik ve Endüstri Meslek Lisesi (Turkey)
  4. ROC West‐Brabant (the Netherlands)
  5. ZWH ‐ Zentralstelle für Weiterbildung im Handwerk (Germany)
  6. Associazione degli Industriale del Nord Sardegna (Italy)
  7. Aydoğmuş Doğalgaz ve Isı Sistemleri Ltd Şti. (Turkey)
  8. MEC ‐ Maintenance Education Consortium (the Netherlands)
  9. Dudley College (United Kingdom)
  10. Centre des Formations Industrielles (France)
  11. TEC ‐ Teknisk Erhvervsskole Center (Denmark)
  12. Handwerkskammer Koblenz (Germany)
  13. Savon ammattiopisto, Savo Vocational College (Finland) 

In the new Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission most mobility and development projects will be based in networks. Working in a network like InnMain gives impulses for new projects to develop vocational education and activities which all parties have in common. As an example we can mention the innovation transfer project One2One, which was launched at the beginning of November 2013. The kick-off meeting of the project took place in Kuopio, Finland.
InnMain organizes annual meetings around specific themes. They usually include a one-day or two-day programme for school managers, headmasters, etc., too. These meetings are an excellent forum for sharing experiences and learning from each other.

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