OEP, Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd

Omnia Education Partnerships Ltd. is the international commercial arm of four Finnish organizations excelling in education and training. Through our shareholders we offer the highest quality of education in Finland.

Omnia Education Partnerships (OEP) offers the best Finnish education solutions globally.

OEP develops the entire education ecosystem by partnering with the public and private sector. We ensure growth and employability through life-long learning paths.


OEP’s shareholders

Guaranteed Finnish quality education

  • Experts and trainers are qualified according to Finnish standards
  • OEP shareholders are licensed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture
  • Programs are accredited by the Finnish National Agency for Education
  • Quality of learning is monitored on a national level by the National Agency for Education
  • Finnish national-level curricula for all TVET qualifications
  • Member of the Education Finland program steering committee


Why Finnish qualification programs?

  • Best completion rate in OECD
  • Competency-based qualifications with prior learning recognized
  • Designed for both individual’s and organization’s needs
  • Flexibility through modular curricula
  • Life-long learning skills enhance career and employability


Customized programs

The qualifications follow the Finnish curriculum, but allow for localization as well as tailoring content to a specific sector.

Flexible implementation

The Further and Specialist Qualification (equivalent to Diploma and Higher Diploma) programs are typically completed through part-time study during 10–12 months. The programs are taught in a blended learning format combining workshops, online and work-based learning.

100+ qualification available globally

OEP offers altogether more than 100 qualification programs.

More info from OEP web site.