Red Cross offers psychosocial support in Kuopio



Finnish Red Cross volunteers offer psychosocial support at a crisis point on Puijonkatu and the Herman shopping mall to people shocked by a violent attack perpetrated at the Kuopio mall on Tuesday 1st October 2019. A Savo Vocational College student violently attacked other students and staff at the College premises in the Herman mall. Efforts to help people cope with their experience are continuing today, Wednesday.

The Red Cross psychosocial support crisis point for students of Savo Vocational College and the people around them will be open from 9 9 p.m., Wednesday 2nd October. The crisis point operates at Puijonkatu 9. Volunteers trained in psychosocial support will talk with people shocked by Tuesday’s violence. If anyone requires more help, the volunteers will assist them to get further professional support.

Psychosocial support volunteers have also been available nearby the Herman mall, where the attack took place. Patrols will continue at the mall as necessary during Wednesday. Furthermore, psychosocial support volunteers were available at a morning gathering for Savo Vocational College to speak with students about their emotions and reactions to the attack. The Red Cross provides support for the City of Kuopio’s social services.

The Red Cross guidelines for psychosocial support provide advice at getting through accidents and crisis situations.

For more information about the attack and the people involved, the City of Kuopio social services have provided a telephone hotline: 044 718 3930.

The youth chat line Sekasin is open on Wednesday from 9 a.m. until midnight.