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Cleanroom Skills; Cleanroom pass training course

The target groups are people who are interested in cleanroom work. They can be students from different fields and also people from working life.

The aim is to familiarize the learner to cleanroom work so that after this course she/he:

  • can identify the cleanroom classifications, and know how to describe the main principles of cleanroom technology
  • is able to apply basic knowledge of aseptic cleanroom work
  • can identify sources of contamination, and is able to behave by elimination ways
  • know the clothing requirements for different categories of cleanliness
  • is able to dress in accordance with GMP regulations of cleanroom classifications
  • can identify ergonomic requirements

The content and implementation:

The theoretical part of this cleanroom pass pilot training will be implemented online trough the Moodle (Web environment) and the practical part contact teaching in cleanrooms of Savo Vocational College, Bioteknia, Neulaniementie 2, 70211 Kuopio, Finland.

Web studies

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1. Cleanroom as working environment

  • cleanroom concept / basics of cleanroom, GMP

2. Cleanroom technic

  • basics of technic, ISO 14644
  • basic knowledge of materials and equipment used in cleanrooms
  • circumstance control
  • cleanroom maintenance

3. Basics of working in cleanroom

  • basics of aseptics, personal and hand hygiene
  • basics of cleanroom clothing
  • moving and working in cleanrooms (Laminar flow hood cabinet working)
  • material flow, ergonomics, safety
  • cleaning

4. Quality assurance and documentation

  • quality concepts, validation, qualification, documentation

Contact studies 8h

  • reflection of theory
  • practical training of aseptic hand-washing and cleanroom clothing

Contact day for practise in cleanroom will be agreed personally; about 2 h/ person

Contact hours: 10-12 h

Independent study hours: 18-20 h


Aproved e-learning, participating in contact studies and demonstration of aseptic clothing

Every topic paccage includes web- material based assingment. Instructions and evaluation criteria can be found within the task context.

Evaluation: pass / fail.

Contact person: Sirkka Malmioja, sirkka.malmioja(at), +358 44 785 8801

In registration we need your name, your birth date and e-mail address, so we can create your Moodle account connection.